Design Services

Bringing Professional Planning & Design to your Window & Door Selection

If you are building a new home, renovating or adding an addition...

Window & Door Design Consulting is a new and unique professional service that takes you through a process to improve and personalize your window and door design, size, style and function to work with your overall home design without costly redrawing of your building plans.

Design Services

We go above and beyond the normal selection process that you would find in a window & door showroom.

First we use our many years of experience of supplying windows and doors to literally hundreds of new homes of various sizes and designs to walk you through Our Process. We begin with your input to explore a detailed examination of the many factors to achieve the proper design and correct window or door selection.

Some of the factors considered...

Windows and Doors

  • style (casement, double hung, sliding or hinged patio door etc)
  • type (all vinyl, wood clad)
  • glazing
  • grill selection & design
  • ventilation
  • direction of exposure
  • wind load (multiple section windows require special reinforced mullions)
  • special screening requirement


Building Plans

  • overall home design
  • location of your new home
  • exterior elevation exposure direction
  • exterior walkways and patio's
  • function of the window and/or door within the room
  • height of the window and/or door from the floor and ceiling
  • interior room function
  • interior furniture layout
  • interior comfort (heating and/or cooling requirement)
  • building code compliance (energy efficiency, egress, wind load etc.)
  • wall construction



We then create a "to scale" drawing of our proposed window or door and transpose it onto your prints. This immediately allows you to see the finished effect and facilitate the appropriate design selection.


Every custom home is essentially unique, therefore the window and door solution should also be unique and personalized.

We have all seen homes that have adequate curb appeal but the window and door sizes, style, and/or placement were not quite right.

Remember, windows & doors are the only facet of your home that you will see from the exterior and the interior of your new home.


Window & Door Design Consulting
is a stand-alone consultation service, separate from our windows and doors sales. You can retain us to review all of your windows and doors or just a single area such as a great room.

In many cases, our Window & Door Design Consulting, has saved our customers more money than the cost of our service while dramatically improving the home.

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